Minecraft Beginner Tips for a great survival experience

Minecraft is a game that has only improved as the years pass, it has aged like fine wine, and the developers show no signs of stopping the updates for the game. This means more and more players start playing the game because of all the hype.

But when starting a survival playthrough when you have no prior knowledge of Minecraft, you’re going to die many times. And that is a part of the experience; it will make you a more resilient player. But let’s be honest, no one likes to die, and we all want to win the game as soon as we can.

These tips will help you in your fresh new adventure in a Minecraft world, and spoiler alert, it won’t be easy!


Get your food

When you first spawn in the world, make sure to get a lot of food. Food is the elixir for you in the start; it can replenish your hunger and health. So having a large stock is what you should aim for.

First, start by punching a tress and making all the necessary tools with wood. Then go on and kill some sheep and Chickens; make sure not to harm the Cows; we will need them later in the game.


Start Mining

Without wasting any time after getting your food situation sought, head down to a cave and start mining. Strip mining is the preferred choice in the pre 1.18 game. You should not come back up until you have enough iron to make a complete set of armor and tools.

If you find diamonds, just leave them there and remember the location. We’ll come back for them after getting the fortune enchantment that’ll give us more diamonds.


Try saving villagers

Now that you’re geared up, you can take on enemies with ease. Head out and try finding villages, desert temples, or shipwrecks for some quick loot which can be helpful. If you find a desert temple, don’t fall down in the hole in the middle of the pyramid, you’ll be blown up. Instead, fall on the side.

If you come across a village, make sure to trap at least two villagers in their houses. When the players spend a lot of time in the village, many monsters spawn there, killing the villagers that we need for trading. Securing some villagers will allow us to breed them and replenish the village if need be.



Now that you have decent experience make a sugarcane and cow farm. We will need large quantities of leather and paper to make the enchantment table, so it is a good practice to start building a sugarcane and view farm as soon as possible.


Make a house and all crafting stations.

Now that you’ve done all the basic steps that ensure your survival, it’s time to make a base. The bus will serve as the center of your projects and adventure, so make sure you build one with all the necessities in mind.

The base should have almost every crafting station in the game so that you never have to leave the house when crafting something. Also, a mass storage house is needed as well to store all your stuff.

Get your resources

Before you get onto building your dream base, gather all the resources required for the design you have in mind. I know this may sound really simple, but not a lot of players follow this. Just start building when you have all the stuff you need, or else you’ll get frustrated trying to gather resources rather than building.