What made me a Minecraft Guru in less then 2 months

Minecraft is a sandbox RPG that has captivated players for a decade now. One of these players was me, the writer, and I’ve been playing the games for 8 years now, and frankly speaking, I’ve learned many things in this 8 yeast of playing the game.

Minecraft is more than a game to many other players and me; the game is a blank canvas on which you can paint whatever you want. The seemingly desolate land may feel dull and empty. Still, you’ll realize you like solitude as this way you have the freedom to do anything.

Becoming a PRO Minecraft player isn’t easy; the game has been updated so many times that it is hard to count things that get added, let alone know everything about it. But it isn’t impossible; you can also become a PRO player like Dream or Grian if you try.

In this guide, I’ll share with you some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned in my 8 year Minecraft journeys. I’ve made many stupid mistakes in Minecraft, so this guide will be devoid of them and only present to you the best ways to become a Minecraft GURU!


Survival Minecraft

If you only play the creative mode of Minecraft, you’ll never learn the actual game. Minecraft survival is the real experience; you’re thrown into an empty world with nothing but your imagination and a crafting book. You’ll have to conjure up things from nothing and kill the dragon at the end.

So you should always try to play in survival as it will improve your survival skills, making you more knowledgeable about the Minecraft world. You should also go on multiplayer servers, PvP servers primarily so that you get good at it as well.

When I started playing survival, everything was new to me. Still, you have to remember, whatever your query, the answer is one google search away. Alternately you can always try to figure things out on your own; it is fun that way.



Whenever trying to build something in your survival world, make sure you try out the build in a creative world before. As gathering resources in the game can be really hard at times.

To improve your building, you’ll have to watch some tutorials on youtube first; there are millions of Minecraft videos on the platform, and you’ll definitely find some builders who you like. Your building will improve over time; you won’t become a master builder in a day.

When going to kill the ender dragon for the first time or the first time typing to kill the wither, you’ll be decimated by them; it is a fact. The Minecraft bosses can seem not that powerful, but they are; the dragon can fling you up in the sky and kill you instantly.

Some more tips

If you use it properly, Redstone is an essential part of Minecraft, so make sure you get your wiring right!

Villagers are to be kept alive; make sure you make an excellent villager trading hall for trading efficiently with these beings.

Never enter a creative mode in your survival world, it is cheating. If you get into the habbit of doing it, it’ll ruin your gaming experience, and your victory will feel unearned.

Dig straight down; I know there is a lot of noise about this topic in the Minecraft community, but you can dig straight down. The chance of you falling into a ravine is very low right now. But do this only before the cave generation is changed, i.e, before 1.18.